Mobility problems: SNOMED primary care codes

Authors: Andy Clegg, Kate Walters, Simon Conroy

.396Dependent: chair/bed transfer
.396Dependent: chair/bed transfer
1381Exercise physically impossible
13C2.Mobile outside with aid
13C4.Needs walking aid in home
13CD.Mobility very poor
13CE.Mobility poor
39B..Walking aid use
8D4..Mobility aids
N097.Difficulty in walking
Ua1nHReduced mobility
Ub0sNProvision of pressure relief equipment
X74UIProvision of mobility device
Xa20jUnable to walk
Xa21fUnable to initiate walking
Xa2EiUnable to maintain a standing position
Xa2F5Unable to stand up alone
Xa2FBUnable to stand from sitting
Xa3ULUnable to carry prepared food
Xa7fMUnable to travel on foot
Xa7fPDifficulty travelling on foot
Xa7gFUnable to cross the road
Xa7gIDifficulty crossing the road
Xa80lUnable to mobilise using wheelchair
Xa80xUnable to manage stairs
Xa81LUnable to manage steps
Xa822Unable to get out of a chair
Xa82EUnable to get on a bed
Xa82KUnable to get off a bed
Xa82WUnable to roll over in bed
Xa82cUnable to move up and down bed
Xa8AaDifficulty mobilising
Xa8JxUnable to transfer
XaJi6Dependent on helper pushing wheelchair
Y1906Evidence of pressure mattress, cushion in use
YA136Unable to get in car