Washing and bathing problems: SNOMED primary care codes

Authors: Andy Clegg, Kate Walters, Simon Conroy

1P810Unable to wash self
1P820Difficulty washing self
Ub0icBathing disability
Xa2uSDifficulty showering self
Xa2uVUnab perform bathing activity
Xa2uYDiff perform bathing activity
Xa2uaUnable to bath self
Xa2udDifficulty bathing self
Xa2uyUnable to dry self
Xa2v1Difficulty drying self
Xa4CJUnable perform wash/dry activ
Xa4CMDiffic perform wash/dry activ
Xa7zdUnable to get in and out of shower
Xa7zjUnable to get into shower
Xa7zpUnable to get out of shower
Xa7zvUnable to get in and out of bath
Xa801Unable to get in bath
Xa807Unable to get out of bath